We offer a one stop shopping experience. With a variety of shops that include Woolworths, Checkers, Dis-chem, PNA, Jacks Paint and Hardware, and Crazy Pets to name a few. All your shopping needs are met in one convenient setting.


After shopping why not stop at one of our coffee style Café’s. Sip on a coffee at The Daily or Coffee Junction or alternatively grab a takeaway from Starbucks and drink it on your way back home. We also have a selection of restaurants which include Del Forno’s and Crawldaddy’s. Why not take your whole family out for a breakfast lunch or supper.


Our convenience centre is family friendly, and we encourage all to bring their children. Crawdaddy’s offers a children’s play area so that you can have a good meal while your children’s needs are taken care of. Del Fornos, Coffee Junction, and The Daily all offer food that the whole family will enjoy.


We have a selection of Doctors and Dentists that can assist you with your medical needs.

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